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Providing an Educational Environment for Children

Bay Country Learning Center in Annapolis, Maryland, will create a positive atmosphere for the social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development of each child.  We believe a child learns best by doing.  Therefore, we will provide a learning environment filled with many challenging and firsthand experiences to stimulate the child's interest, curiosity, and desire to learn.


Educational Programs

Bay Country's nursery school program is approved by the Maryland State Board of Education and our three and four-year-old students are taught by a teacher with a four-year degree.  Our challenging curriculum, as well as carefully selected learning materials and toys, are geared to each age and ability level so that each child will move successfully from one skill level to the next.  

Children will learn to adapt to situations within the school setting, which will strengthen their self-reliance, independence, and creativity while maintaining the "joy of childhood".  Guidance and positive reinforcement will be provided by our highly qualified staff, who will allow the child to develop to his/her unique potential.

The staff at our center has been selected for their educational training, enthusiasm, creativity, and love for young children.  Each staff member will continue their self-enrichment by participating in conferences, professional workshops and college classes.

Child With Teacher

Child Painting

Two-year olds

Our two-year old children participate in a hands-on program that keeps the children actively involved while exploring an age appropriate curriculum.  These young preschoolers can choose from a variety of developmentally appropriate learning centers as they begin to make choices and gain independence.  Cognitive skills are encouraged through letter, number, and shape recognition.  Classroom activities are designed to encourage and build positive social interactions, problem solving skills, language development, creativity, and self-esteem.

Mother and Child

Infants and Toddlers

An infant's care and needs are unique to each individual child and are met on demand according to each infant's personal schedule.  We emphasize your child's development rather than their specific age because all children grow and learn at their own pace.  Our infant rooms were created to foster each infant's motor skills, cognitive development and social/emotional growth.  Our infant teachers are committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment where babies can explore and interact with other babies and adults.  They will encourage children as they work on physical development and meet developmental milestones.  We keep parents informed with daily communication that parents can access throughout the day to follow their child's personal schedule of eating, napping, and diapering.

Toddlers experience their world through exploration and play.  They will engage in carefully planned hands-on learning activities designed to develop communication skills, large and fine motor skills, coordination, confidence, and socialization.  Throughout the day, our teachers will provide toddlers opportunities for playing, singing, dancing, and participating in creative art, sensory activities, and story time.  We keep parents informed with daily communication which detail the activities of each child's day.